My HubSpot’s fairy tale

When I started my internship I didn’t have any specific expectation on which marketing automation system should I work with. I knew that Infunnel is working with few different and I was happy to look at all of them.

But sometimes things just happens…

Email certification

My first week was rather calm. I could just look around, get familiar with a team and the way they all work together. Also got some time for trainings. Someone suggested to do HubSpot Email Marketing Certification so I did. It took me one day to finish it and I have to say I have really learned a lot about …email marketing. Surprisingly I haven’t learned anything about HubSpot system itself. Willing to learn more I announced the team I am ready for the next challenge.

HubSpot classroom training

Few days later I was asked if I am interested in participating in a three days classroom training for the HubSpot system.

Well I was 🙂 Obviously.

The training

I came there budding and shy and immediately felt relaxed thanks to the great atmosphere created by Carl Alin (Heja Calle!) from iGoMoon and Serena Polverino from HubSpot. Those three days gave me a good knowledge about inbound marketing and a great introduction to the HubSpot system. After all I realised I still have to learn a lot. Which is good…

I left the training with a new bidon. I won a quiz on workflows. My school should be proud of me 🙂

Marketing software certification

Since I haven’t got any certification after the training I decided to earn one.  I passed the HubSpot Marketing Software exam and have done all my assignments to realize later that I will never be able to officially finish this path.

The portal doesn’t meet requirements since it’s not run through HubSpot but other extern CMS platform. Therefore my landing page assignment will never reach required 20% conversion rate.

A moment of silence for Anna’s broken heart and unfulfilled expectations.

Ok. I’m fine already.


Even though I haven’t earned the expected certification I have received something more value than that. Thanks to all the things I have learned so far I’ve got a chance to work in a real project for one of the client. And that was something I really hoped for when I was visualizing my internship. To work hands on and to get an experience. And I received all of that.

So as I said before…

Big things often have small beginnings.

To be continued (I hope so).

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