Marketing automation for arts and culture-my first published article.

Did you know that my big dream as a child was to became a journalist? Even as a 11 years old kid I was running the school paper and writing articles about all those “very important” things for pupils. Back then we had no computers or printer at school so we need to write and draw pictures by hand and xero every single piece. This dream stayed with me for many years until I failed exams to get to the journalist programme and ended up studying history (please don’t judge me).

Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.

However the strong need of expressing myself with writing is still deep in my heart . I thought it won’t be possible anymore on a professional level because I would never perform as good as in my mother tongue. Living abroad has many advantages but the language part is quite challenging. Foreign language will always give you some limits. It doesn’t come so naturally and doesn’t give you this confidence as your first language. So when I finally got my personal breakthrough during the internship at Infunnel and succeed to write my first article in English and it was published I realized that your limits are only in your mind. I know it’s not perfect, but does it need to be?

Why I wrote this?

The article aims to encourage culture and art sector to use the new digital way to engage their audience and at the same time being more time and cost efficient. I believe that showing how marketing automation may be used in a particular sectors/fields (this time in art and culture sector) can help to realize importance of data driven marketing and understanding it on a broader level. Thanks to Iwona Preis, CEO at Intercult, I could understand better what are the needs of cultural organisations and try to find a link between them and marketing automation. Please enjoy your read and leave your thoughts on that.

Culture and arts organizations face many challenges in a digital age of communication. They tend to not spread themselves efficiently enough and don’t use their data capacity in a sufficient way. Marketing automation may help to solve some of these problems and be a great strategy in reaching audiences and achieving key objectives.
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