First internship is over

One thing that convinced me to sign up for yrke högskola education is the fact that those type of programmes in Sweden offer you a possibility to do a long internship. I always believed this to be the best way to experience a new profession and extend your network. In my school there are two internship periods: LIA1 which last 10 weeks and LIA2 which last 14 weeks. I have just finished the first one and I would like to tell you a bit about it.

I have done my LIA1 internship at Infunnel,  a marketing automation agency that is part of the Real Agency Group, a Nordic Agency Network. They specialize in automation and and generating leads from digital channels.
Infunnel mainly works with B2B customers. They run several major projects with customers like Volvo Trucks, Mercedes Benz, Mercedes Vans, Tetra Pak, Vattenfall, Dentsply, Fazer in its portfolio.


During the internship period, I was given several different tasks. Some required working by myself, others made me part of a bigger team.

Infunnel marketing
  • Proposal for “missing name campaign” (blueprint, emails and campaign in Eloqua)
  • Proposal for “nurturing campaign” (blueprint, emails and campaign in Eloqua)
  • Proposal for drip campaign after MA guide download (blueprint, canvas banners, downloadable assets in excel, emails and campaign in Eloqua)
  • Proposal for May newsletter with A / B testing (blueprints, emails and campaign in Eloqua, all in English and Swedish)
  • Help with coordinating the Women in Customer Success event (promoting the event inbound and outbound, help during the event, preparation and launch of follow-up campaign in Eloqua, etc.)
  • Participation in Infunnel’s charity project for HelptoHelp. Attended two workshops where we went through on boarding process such as customer journey, distribution strategy, proposals for future campaigns and it’s content, analyzing traffic data, etc.
  • Provided a draft on GDPR email, as well as campaign and segments in Eloqua
  • Completed my own project which aimed to write an article on how marketing automation can improve audience development in culture and arts sector. You can read about it here.
Became responsible for various tasks in the Vattenfall project.
  • Prepared Cluster Topic for the Energy Plaza content hub
  • Suggested ways to work with segmentation in the HubSpot system.
  • Prepared draft for the first nurturing campaign from TOFU to BOFU in HubSpot.
  • Together with a colleague, provided suggestions for lead scoring (HubSpot scoring)
  • Different small activities such as updates of emails, forms, pop-ups according to customer requests in the HubSpot system
  • Proposal for dynamic content for the Mercedes Welcome campaign.
My reflections

I consider my internship as a great experience. I became involved in a real client project and could act just like any other team member. I received a lot of help from my colleagues but I was also challenged to solve problems independently. Thanks to that attitude, I learned a lot from both the strategic part where I could come up with new ideas and concepts, but also from this more technical side, where I could get familiar with systems like Oracle Eloqua and HubSpot

Marketing automation systems

I had a chance to test different features, set up campaigns, create segments, emails, forms or analyze insights both in Eloqua and HubSpot. In the meantime I did some trails in Trailhead and certifications in HubSpot. I also had the opportunity to attend the three-day classroom training in HubSpot, conducted by their coach from Dublin and their partner from Stockholm. You can read more about the training and my experiences with HubSpot here. Last but not least, I also got a chance to play around a bit in Salesforce Marketing Cloud system.

What I like best

The greatest fun for me when it comes to marketing automation is the strategic part: analyzing customer journey, getting ideas for campaigns and finding the way to design them in a system. Creating content allows me to utilize my creativity skills, so I appreciate it a lot. During my internship I also had a personal breakthrough moment when I dared to start writing content both in Swedish and English. Even though it still requires language review it boosts my confidence that I can actually work with writing.

Thanks to my involvement in HelptoHelp project, I was able to see how Infunnel works with it’s Infunnel formula and how fun it is to be in the real brainstorming and how to design a marketing strategy which aims to catch leads.

I have learned a lot. And I am really grateful Infunnel’s team for all their support and trust in me.

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