Anna codes wild


Imagine you do things you never ever dreamed about.  You never ever thought you are able to do them. Imagine you code.

As a part of our education we are about to do quite extensive course which is called webbteknik. I tried to translate it into English but haven’t actually found any good term which fits this word. So I will explain shortly what we have learned so far.

First two weeks of the course took place in February and we had gone through basics in HTML5, CSS and Javascript.

Yes I was coding. Yes I even kinda got the idea how to do this. Yes I created my own website with a responsive layout and a form.

Yes I already forgot how I did it 🙂


But no worries…during the autumn we gonna have 4 weeks more of coding and etc so I guess I will refresh my memory quite soon.

Here you may see the screenshot from my final project.


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